How it all began

In October 2007, it all started with a vision. A vision to redefine technology support. From the mundane and repeated to the innovative and creative, a transformation was needed; a refinement of thinking and opportunity for a phenomenon of sorts presented itself. 

Zapstech began as a small technology forum website that set out to do one thing and do it well - to serve the general public with an open and welcoming environment to solve their technology problems and satisfy their growing hunger for guidance and discussion about this emerging topic. 

Throughout the years, it was clear that the desire to innovate further was insatiable - it was time to take this concept to the next level. In 2010, the idea of services was introduced to the Zapstech culture. It was clear that discussion was welcome however not enough to adapt to the trends that were being observed. As a result, the very first services were performed remotely by our dedicated and knowledgeable staff; a model that we continued to expand upon in the years following. 

As we entered our tenth year in existence, it was clear to us that the infrastructure must change and update; end users are just not seeking the same delivery methods as years past. Hence, we transformed the Zapstech community concept into what is known today as Zapstech Learning Center. Powered by Google Classroom, this platform provides a unique Web 3.0 learning environment that is engaging and useful for our users. Also, we have expanded our service concept to embrace the fullness of remote technology, including consultation services. 




To deliver award-winning technology support when and where end users need it.


To offer an avenue for engaging technology discussion and interaction.


To recommend first class technology solutions to our end users.